I've got CLASS!

Currently, the low price of $45 per person affords you TWO HOURS of FUN, FELLOWSHIP, creativity, actual hands-on PRODUCTIVITY, coaching by me, full use of all my very expensive professional ARTISTS BRUSHES, full use of all my paint, AND your very own CANVAS provided by me also!

Come and participate! It will be a journey in self-discovery! 

My classes are held in my "Tiny but Mighty" art studio, located in historic downtown Fayetteville.   I am located at 235 Old Street, Suite 101. 

I can accommodate up to 8 people at one time in my studio.   If you have more than 8 in your party, I have access to a larger facility, right around the corner from my shop.

I do not require a "minimum" number of people to hold a class. If there are only 2 of you...don't worry!  We are ON!

Bring your friends and family!  EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST.

And NOW....to top it ALL off...when you participate in my workshop, you are invited to "show" your original masterpiece  in the gallery!  And if you wish....price it to SELL!!

And for those of you who are like me, and need some "alone time" with each painting you produce....you are more than welcome to take your beautiful passion filled work of art home with you to love and adore for as long as you'd like!

Got REQUESTS? Let me know what subject matter appeals to you....and what schedule works for you, and we will start an expanded schedule! I am here to do my best to accommodate all your creative aspirations!

Got PARTIES?  I will bring my paint workshop to your party!

Come and take advantage of this FANTASTIC opportunity to create your own original work of art on canvas.  Make it a regular activity and blossom into a modern Picasso!


Email me @sandradeenicholson@yahoo.com  or call my cell @ 818-398-0877