Why paint furniture?

So many reasons!...if you have an old piece of wooden furniture that has water rings on it, wax stains, scratches and dings....making it unsightly to look at....yet it is structurally sound....and it's been in your family for decades and you can't bear to part with it.....then reNEWING it with an artistic twist of my paintbrushes is a financially AND evironmentally advantageous thing of which to take advantage!

I LOVE transforming neglected furniture into showcase quality heirlooms...and I have done it MANY times.

Renewing existing, well made furniture with decorative handpainting is just a smart and "green" thing to do. You are saving a tree!

Furthermore, painting a large piece of furniture that has already claimed it's rightful location in your house and is still serving its PURPOSE faithfully....but maybe LOOKS a little lackluster -- and weighs a TON -- and you just don't want to hassle with removing it, and you don't have the time to spend shopping and measuring a piece of furniture to replace it...and then make arrangements to have it delivered and installed.....that's all unnecessary ickiness now that you have found me!

I will transform your furniture into something beautiful that you will  cherish....and I can do it right there on location in MOST cases!  Then, you will have a gorgeous new custom handpainted piece of furniture, you will have saved a TREE....and saved MONEY....and TIME....and avoided the stress of working with "Chip & Nick Professional Movers"!   It's a WIN WIN WIN for everyone!  (except "Chip & Nick")